Standard Service

This is our minimum level of service provided on a contract basis.  It includes the following features:

  • Routine site inspections and treatments, to include identification of pest problems and risks.
  • Follow-up visits and additional call-outs provided at no extra cost.
  • 24-hour call out service, 365 days per year.
  • Written report given on each visit to include action carried out, preparations used and recommendations.
  • Tamper proof bait boxes used throughout.
  • Risk and COSHH assessment carried out.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets on chemicals used held within customer report file.
Optional service features include:
  • Bait boxes dated on each inspection.
  • Site plan showing the position of all internal and external monitoring points.
  • Fixing of monitoring points.
  • Position of monitoring points clearly identified with control point markers on wall of building.
  • Maintenance of Electronic Fly Killers to include annual replacement of U.V. lamps.

Diamond Service

A formalised preventive pest control programme designed with the needs of the food industry in mind. It operates on a planned timetable of inspections and quality assurance checks to monitor pest activity and areas of high risk. This service has been proven and audited to the BRC standard, and also extends to those who require a higher specification to meet the further requirements of major UK retailers.  The service specification has all the features of the standard service, plus the following:

  • Up to 12 routine site inspections and treatments per year, based on the risks identified and customer audit requirements.
  • Site plan showing the position of all internal and control points and electric fly killers.
  • Position of control points clearly identified on wall of building.
  • All internal and external control points are fixed in position.
  • Control points dated on each inspection.
  • A minimum of 2 Quality Control inspections per annum.
  • Inspection summary within report file for easy reference and history.
  • Detailed report on each inspection with section for action carried out.
  • Customer call-outs attended to within 24 hours, preferably same day.
  • Health & Safety and Environmental policies included in the customer report file.
  • Safety data sheets provided on all chemicals used.
Optional service features include:
  • Maintenance of Electronic Fly Killers to include annual replacement of shatterproof U.V. lamps.
  • Quarterly catch tray analysis and annual graphical presentation of results.
  • Annual Rodent Trending.

SMART Pest Control Solution

Award Winning
Elis Connect – A Smart Pest Control Solution
Live sensor monitoring providing 24/7 protection

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